Tulsi Honey (Exclusively from the flowers of Tulsi)(250g)

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Weight : 250g
  • 100% Natural
  • From the forests of Dandeli
  • A spoonful of honey everyday for a youthful life

Ingrediants : Honey extracted mainly from tulsi flowers

Origin : Dandeli, Karnataka

We bring to you pure and genuine honey from maval villages' flora. Honey has been shown to

contain all of the essential ingredients necessary for life on earth, including water. Flavored

honey is prepared from the nector of only one type of plant and has no additional flavour. Tulsi

honey is beneficial for persons suffering from coughs and colds, since the flavour of tulsi can

provide comfort, and honey has been shown to be effective in treating throat infections.


  • Naturally flavored by bees. No addition of any synthetic flavorings
  • Honey extracted by bees from exclusively tulsi nectar
  • Add one teaspoon of tulsi honey, lemon and some mint leaves to enjoy a healthy and refreshing drink.
  • Beneficial for persons suffering from coughs and colds.

Product story:

Vijay Mahajan, founder and director of Shiv Sagar Madh Udyog, has been our regular customer for moringa chikkis and saptadhanya ladoos. One day while discussing his mission of training adivasis, tribal people or farmers in apiculture (bee-keeping techniques) he randomly asked us if we were interested in selling the honey collected by these people! And voila, where can we get or source such pure and natural honey from elsewhere and from then on we collaborated with them and started sourcing honey from these people.

100% authentic and not at all adulterated!

Yourself taste it and you will know the difference!