Sapta Dhanya Ladoo (Nutri 7)

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For all the women who face hormonal issues Nutri 7 is a great food supplement which is rich in

millets, flax seeds and melon seeds. It's a sugar-free sweet made up of 100% jaggery and

millets and seeds.


  • Pabal’s famous Saptadhanya Ladoos
  • Rich in Iron, Calcium, Fiber and Omega-3 fats
  • Low-roasting techniques. Made with Jaggery.
  • With goodness of millets and seeds.
  • Each Ladoos offers around 3 gms of Protein.

Includes: Bajri, Sesame, Flax seeds, Melon Seeds, Jaggery, Elaichi, Ghee

Product Story:

There is custom of making these ladoos and distributing them and gifting them whenever a girl has her first period or is in her pregnancy in Pabal Village. These amazing ladoos have ingredients that help to control the estrogen levels and thereby support women during hormonal imbalances.

These ladoos are not just a boring nutritional supplement, but a very crunchy and tasty snack. Along with controlling estrogen levels, they are also a great after-meal dessert for all age groups as it not only vanishes your sweet cravings but also provides a lot of health benefits.