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For all the foodies, health-conscious people and mothers who always worry about unhealthy snacking habits, we present to you a modified version of Telangana's Famous Recipe - GaVVaLu available in two flavors: Chocolate and Curry Spicy


  • Whole-wheat snack

  • Chocolate GaVVaLu are made from jaggery, chocolate and ghee. No refined sugar is used at all.

  • Fried in Sunflower oil only. No palm oil or any of its substituents are used.

    Made From: Whole wheat flour, Semolina, Pure Ghee, Sunflower Oil.

    Chocolate: Jaggery, Chocolate and Pure Ghee. No refined sugar. No vegetable Oil or Dalda.

    Curry Spicy: Freshly grinded curry leaves, carom seeds, red chillies, coriander seeds and salt.

    Product Story:

    GaVVaLu is a Telugu word for shells. This snack is made into the shape of a shell, hence the name.

    Since childhood, GaVVaLu has been my favorite snack. Everywhere in the market, the GaVVaLu are mostly made out of maida and sugar. Traditionally, it was whole wheat and a lot of pure ghee. Initially, when we started making it, the biggest problem was crunchiness. The ones made out of maida were definitely softer and crunchier than ours. And then, village mothers came to our rescue and helped us make these flavored whole wheat snacks. The magic was the application of ghee between the layers of the dough, and that's it! We've got our very own crunchy shells that melt right away in your mouth, and you just can't resist.

    Chocolate GaVVaLu is a must-try for any crunchy choco lover. Advantage: Made out of jaggery and not refined sugar.